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>> > amenity=reverse_vending_machine
>> > reverse_vending=bottle_return
>> >
>> > Machines may take more than one type of item. Some here take bottles
>> and bottle creates. Some take metal cans.
> sometimes (e.g. common typology in German shops) you can add both, plastic
> bottles for recycling and reusable bottles in plastic or glass (but usually
> not bottles in glass for recycling) into the same "machine" (which will
> often just be a conveyor belt with a scanner and a receipt printer, while
> sorting takes place manually behind the curtain). Other machines are only
> for plastic bottles for recycling and they will crush the bottles to reduce
> space requirements. I have never seen a machine that accepts glass bottles
> for recycling (but maybe they exist somewhere),

They certainly do! Here you go:


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