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> Sounds basically reasonable to me.  The page does not make it clear
> if this is just a place you can put a hose in, or if the piping is
> pre-installed.  What I'm talking about is a red 3 or 4" pipe that
> runs from under the middle to the edge with "FD Water Source #6" sign
> or some such.   Maybe that's what

  Some of our raw water sources do have a 3" fitting we use to draft
water. What's more common though in my fire district is "suction_point"
is where I park a fire truck and just drop a 3" hardline into the pond
or creek. Since these locations must be flat, and less than 10ft above
the water source (hard to find in the Rockies), we tag these so newer
responders can find them.

  A water pond or cistern with a 3" connection I'd consider a dry
hydrant, which just means there is no pressure behind it.

        - rob -

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