On 6/26/20 8:13 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> it’s up to your judgement, in my area if blocked with a mound this
> would not be a track anymore. You can decide whether keeping it for
> hikers (if legally and physically possible, i.e. highway=path) or

 A week or so ago I fixed a bunch of residential roads that map data
claimed continued out of the small developments and into national forest
land. They now have a dirt berm, (some have a gate) and the remaining
part of "road" is now closed for cars. Most were used as ATV trails by
locals, so I assumed a track. A few were obviously foot traffic only, so
now a path. Most of these were closed in only the last few years, I
talked to some of the locals. Access is still public, although the
neighbors wish otherwise...

        - rob -

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