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> >> Unless anyone can point me to existing tagging, I will submit a
> proposal, based on amenity=bicycle_sharing, titled
> amenity=powerbank_sharing for tagging docking station.
> >>
> > I wouldn't worry about that - that'll just waste everyone's time.  If
> some on-the-ground infrastructure is missing from the map, just map it.
> It's perfectly possible to search by name or operator later if a consensus
> emerges about tagging.

by that time (consensus has emerged) you will quite probably find several
consensi having emerged, and a bunch of people each defending their
"consensus" ;-)

> Maybe a proposal that needs voting on isn’t need but is it accepted to add
> things to the wiki without one?
> It’s much nicer to find a page on the wiki than looking through tag info
> trying to decide if something already exists.

I agree that explicit documentation is better than searching taginfo, also
because it will encourage other people more to use the same tags, and
because you can explain what the tag means, while taginfo, as long as there
isn't documentation, will only tell you _that_ a tag is in use. IMHO you
better make a proposal than documenting tags as de facto which in reality
still have to reach this level. You could make it clear that it is a
proposal. Personally, I have made some proposals without bringing them to
voting (i.e. noones time "wasted", besides my own), because having the
proposal in the wiki was already sufficient that other people caught up.
And then you have to guard it because some people will set it to abandoned
status which is very harmful for adoption ;-)

If you are going to set up a page without a proposal, make it clear that it
is a proposal anyway (in the sense that it is not established). At that
point, why not making it a proposal straightaway?

> >
> >> Chimpy (linked above) appears to use docking stations and
> over-the-counter rentals. Should an additional tag, such as
> service:powerbank:rental=yes, be included for existing features?
> Probably not.  We don't tend to tag "everything a shop might sell".

You could do it. We do not tag everything a shop might sell, but we do have
exceptions for things that are not typically to be expected and are useful,
e.g. a convenience store which also acts as post office, or offers a
specific service (and power bank rental could be seen as this), for example
shops where you can get money from your debit card like at an atm.
Basically it is the people who decide: if there are many mappers who think
this is an interesting feature, they will map it, otherwise it will "fail"
(not be used in sufficient numbers to prove useful).

Generally, for features like this, you need 2 tags: one for the feature
(the standalone devices) and one for use as a property (a shop offers them
as service).
For the feature, it could for example be tagged as amenity=vending_machine,
vending=powerbank_sharing (automatic device selling goods or services). Or
as you said, with a dedicated top level tag like
amenity=powerbank_sharing_station (similar to amenity=photo_booth).

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