The statement I disagree with is that "We shouldn’t be in a situation where
there is no approved way to map a mapable feature just because the
community doesn’t agree completely on how to map it."

Nobody needs approval to map anything in OSM, so approval only really
matters when there is a conflict, and I agree that conflicts are better
resolved by discussion and consensus (with confirmation by the yes/no vote)
than by voting between competing options.

If a stalled discussion means that multiple tags coexist, that's ok by me -
clearly the stakes weren't high enough in that case for compromise to
achieve coherence to be valued over the "right" tag...

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020, 11:09 am stevea, <> wrote:

> Majorities can be built with reason and well-written proposals.  They
> really can.  This is where and when OSM can be at its best.
> Am I saying "rig an election" or "throw votes in an unethical manner"?  Of
> course not.  I'm talking about building real grass-roots support for good
> ideas that are well-stated and agreeable.  That actually happens.  And when
> it does, good for us.
> SteveA
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