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> A special economic zone (SEZ) is an area in which the business and trade
> laws are different from the rest of the country.  Only a small number of
> these areas are mapped so far, however, estimates put the total number of
> SEZ worldwide at between 2,700 and 10,000.  The proposed tagging for these
> areas is boundary=special_economic_zone, which has minor existing usage.

who is it who defines this status, is it defacto or does the national
government have to define these? What if the business and trade laws are
not defined on a national level? Which "business and trade laws" are meant
(does any exception to a "business or trade" law in a are lead to the
(implicit) constitution of such a zone? Which laws are relevant?). What if
the national government does not control the area?

I agree that for those cases, where the zone is explicitly defined by a
national government, this would be easy to determine, but all other cases
which might fall under the definition, are harder to decide.

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