The tagging looks right,  but until the renderers pick up the oneway tag it doesn't seem hopeful. Changing the name is not right, and bicycle=permissive is not right either.   foot=discouraged would make sense, maybe the apps will pick that up?

On 9/8/23 11:02, Bryce Nesbitt wrote:

I recently went on a hike, guided only by OSMAnd.  We ended up planning a route that took us uphill on what turned out to be a long series of one way downhill mountain bike flow tracks.

I have no problem with the flow track: just had it been clearly delineated we would have planned a different route more suited to hiking.
But I was left without clear tagging ideas.

One of the trails was <> highway <> path <>
horse <>  no
name <>    Bunny
oneway:bicycle <> yes <> surface <> dirt <>

With a clear direction, as it has jumps that can only be completed in a single direction, and is all but impossible to cycle the "wrong way" on.

Is this trail tagged the best that can be?

Is there a way to better hint to rendering that this should look different from a "standard" hiking trail, perhaps tagged: highway <> path <>
name    Hiking Trail
surface         dirt
bicycle <>


I see that even /OpenCyclemap /does not draw directional arrows on the "Bunny" trail or other oneway:bicycle=yes routes.

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