Oh, forgot to say that when I started with place_of_worship=holy_well,
some people didn't like the word "holy", because it meant only
Christian. That's why I'm not suggesting "holy_tree", but maybe
"sacred_tree" would be an option as well, but it doesn't cover the rags,
of course.

On 03/03/2024 20:48, Anne-Karoline Distel via Tagging wrote:

Hello there,

does anyone have any opinions about how to map what is called clootie/
cloughtie/ cloutie trees in Scotland and rag trees or raggedy bushes
in Ireland? I have used place_of_worship=rag_tree (to avoid the many
different spellings) in combination with natural=tree, but there is
also a category on Wikimedia called "Prayer trees". But for some
prayer trees, you stick coins in the bark instead of tying rags or
ribbons (or other votive offerings) to the branches, so I think rag
trees should be mapped different to coin ones. They're not historic,
but still very much in use in Ireland, the UK (by Neo-Pagans and
Christians alike), and I believe there are other cultures like
Hinduism who use them.


To my knowledge, "clootie tree" is not used in Ireland at all and
wasn't in the past either (only in the wikimedia category). In
Ireland, the tree is also usually not necessarily connected to a well.
There is one at the Hill of Tara, for example.

If you like fairy tales, I think there is one in Cinderella, at least
in the Brothers Grimm version. As far as I remember, the dress for the
ball appeared in the tree.

Anne aka b-unicycling

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