I have been trying to tag capacities for motorhome stopovers. Comments on my changesets indicates that some people have different views on how to tag this. And I agree that it is confusing.

The wiki for tourism=caravan_site does not say a lot, but for tourism=camp_site it says that capacity:caravans is "Number of pitches available for caravans/RV".
And capacity:pitches is "Number of pitches available for caravans, RV or tents"

But then how do we specify the number of pitches for motorhomes?

E.g. Nørre Nissum Håndbryg


can accomodate 10 motorhomes and 3 caravans (camping trailers).

So capacity:motorhomes=10

And I have tagged capacity:caravans=13
because the wiki says that this covers both caravans and RV's.

I would be in favor of getting a way to explicitly tag information about camping trailers (caravans that are not RV/motorhomes).

It is also confusing that we have so many sites tagged with tourism=caravan_site,caravans=no. I guess these should then all have motorhome=designated because caravans=no also means no motorhomes by default?

Niels Elgaard Larsen

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