We are seeing some strange behavior from dbtags since we switched to Tomcat
4.1.12.  I'm pretty sure it's related to the new tag pooling feature of
Tomcat. I am wondering if anyone else is having problems.

If we have two statements on the same page, where the first one returns
rows, but the second does not, the second statement tag prints out the
actual text of it's query instead of nothing.

For example:
  <sql:statement id="stmt2" conn="conn">
    <sql:query>select * from foo/*a query that returns rows*/</sql:query>
    <sql:resultSet id="rset2">

  <sql:statement id="stmt3" conn="conn">
    <sql:query>select * from bar /*a query that returns NO
    <sql:resultSet id="rset3">
Would actually send back to the browser

  "select * from bar /*a query that returns NO rows*/"

Oh I wish we could switch to JSTL (to anticipate the response I know some of
you are thinking), but we have the requirement of supporting JSP 1.1
containers too (like WebSphere 4.0).  So let's get busy on that JSP 1.1
back-port of JSTL.


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