Hi !

I'd like to use xtags and jsp
and i can't find out the position 
in my XPath.

I always got 0 as result for XPath Expression position()
and last()
I'm using Tomcat 4.0.1
and the example /xtags-examples/test/test_stylesheet.jsp
does the same

I tryed on Win and Linux

I hope someone can help me
maybe with a code snippet.

thx clemens holpfer

<xtags:parse uri="xml/h4scom.xml" id="we"/> 
        <xtags:forEach select="//Row"> 
        <xtags:forEach select="/Import">
                <xtags:valueOf select="count(Row)" /> 
                <xtags:valueOf select="last()" context="/Import"/>
        </xtags:forEach> <br/>

        <xtags:forEach select="/Import/Row">
                <xtags:valueOf select="position()" /> 
                <xtags:valueOf select="BEWABT" /> 
                <xtags:valueOf select="number(wert)" /><br/>
                        <xtags:if test="position()=0">

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