Hi -

We are using the JSTL 1.0.4.  We have noticed that the ELEvaluator caches all results 
from coercing a literal to an Object.  This is causing incorrect results and a memory 
leak for our application.

Here are our details.  We have an object of type MyObject with a name property.  This 
name is unique within our application.  We have a JSTL tag called 'UseMyObject'.   
This tag takes the name of the object as an attribute.  In our tag, we use the JSTL 
evaluator to coerce the name attribute to an object of type MyObject.  To support the 
coercion, we have defined a MyObjectEditor, which does a lookup based on name.  
Everything works fine until we remove a MyObject that was previously evaluated by the 
JSTL evaluator.  At this point, the JSTL expression evaluator has already cached our 
old object and returns that object bypassing our MyProjectEditor.

After reviewing the expression evaluator code, it appears that the ELEvaluator class 
has a constructor with a flag to bypass the caching.  However, I cannot find anyway to 
configure it to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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