Hi Folks , 
Using   JNDI Tags and accessing LDAP directory.
How do I supply the Security,  prinicpal and credential attributes ,
needed to complete this call successfully. ?
Is there something else I need to configure ? Is this possible with the
current version of JNDI tags ? 

This is the code written up to now, and below is the result
<jsp:useBean id="exampleMap" class="java.util.Hashtable"/>
<c:set target="${exampleMap}" property="Context.SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION"
value="simple" /> 
<c:set target="${exampleMap}" property="Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL"
value="cn=bacd" /> 
<c:set target="${exampleMap}" property="Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS"
value="xyz" /> 


javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - Invalid



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