On 1/8/08, Henri Yandell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't expect us to have them running there again, though if any
> taglib gets active enough to be mavenified, I could see it being put
> in continuum.

Yup, I've previously (say, a year or more ago) pinged Glenn when the
nightlies went down, but it'd be good to get this going on a continuum
instance (or some such on ASF hardware).

> In fact - I'm tempted to go ahead and do that on String Taglib. Yank
> it out, mavenify. Learn etc.

I've started an experimental branch to do that with the RDC Taglib here:


You are welcome (as is anyone else) to play with it (most taglibs here
get built the same way and produce a similar set of artifacts).
Ofcourse, if you'd rather start with the String Taglib, thats great as
well :-)


> Hen

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