On 6/29/08, Aaron Freeman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is Jakarta Taglibs dead?  Last news even on the main page was 2005.  Should
>  I look at using other taglib repositories or is it safe to continue
>  incorporating these into production?

Jakarta Taglibs has seen very little new development since 2006. IMO,
whether you should use any of these depends on whether a *released*
version of any of these tag libraries satisfies your needs as-is. If
you find that you are needing more, or would like improvements /
features to be put in place, you should first check the developer list
to see if there is any interest in doing so.

>  Specifically I am considering using Mailer2 initially, but don't want to do
>  that if it and/or the whole taglib project has been abandoned.

Mailer2 is currently listed as a deprecated sandbox library ( see LHS
menu on home page [1] ) -- there is no current development with it at
all AFAIK.

The Jakarta Taglibs project has slowed down considerably, though in
terms of interest:

 * Few relatively recent fixes have been made to JSTL 1.2 (by Hen)
 * I'm still interested maintaining in the RDC taglib (addressing
issues as they come)

Finally, FWIW, since this is an all-volunteer effort, the development
tempo can change if enough people still want to develop tag libraries
here. In the past couple of years, we haven't seen much of that. For
those interested, it might be best to:

 * Ping the dev list to see how much interest there is for the taglib
in question
 * Post patches -- fixes, improvements -- if there is interest (you
can post them otherwise too, but having a realistic chance of those
being applied might mean something)


[1] http://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs/

>  Thanks,
>  Aaron

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