I have a feeling this must be a common problem but I'm afraid I can't find the answer...

I am trying to use the JSTL x tags in v1.1.2 of the 'standard' tag library. Something like this:
   <c:import   url="WorkItem.xml"    var="url" />
   <x:parse       xml="${url}"     var="doc"   />
   <x:out     select="$doc/ap:ActionResult"  />

The problem is the namespace in my XPath query and it results in the error: com.sun.org.apache.xpath.internal.domapi.XPathStylesheetDOM3Exception: Prefix must resolve to a namespace: ap

Fair enough. But how can I tell the x:out tag about the namespace?

In Java I would write a NamespaceContext implementation and supply that to the XPath engine. Something like this:
               NamespaceContext ctx = new NamespaceContext() {
               public String getNamespaceURI(String prefix) {
                   String uri;
                   if (prefix.equals("ap"))
                       uri = "http://example.com/ap";;
                       uri = null;
                   return uri;

               // Dummy implementation - not used!
               public Iterator getPrefixes(String val) {
                   return null;

               // Dummy implemenation - not used!
               public String getPrefix(String uri) {
                   return null;

           // Now the XPath expression
           String xpathStr = "/ap:ActionResult";
           XPathFactory xpathFact = XPathFactory.newInstance();
           XPath xpath = xpathFact.newXPath();
           String result = xpath.evaluate(xpathStr, doc);

In JSTL it seems there is no equivalent? Is there any 'under the radar' way to supply the namespace context to the tag?

Seems a real shame to have to write a new taglib just to support this...
thanks for your suggestions,

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