Hello Marcel,

If I understand you correctly, then it is not exactly possible to do what you'd like.

More specifically, I believe you're talking about making an EL function (vs. JSTL which is a set of third party tags/functions). You can use any public static method in any class for this, so it doesn't need to be special in any way, but you do need to define it in a tag library so that a JSP page knows how to find it. You can isolate a bunch of your utility EL functions in their own tag library with their own prefix to avoid polluting your main tag libraries, but I would generally organize by cohesion instead (putting related tags and functions together in the same tag libraries, following the same approach one might do with OO class creation).

I haven't read all of this, but skimming it seemed to satisfy me that the basics are covered:


Marcel Overdijk wrote:
I'm wondering  if it is possible to create a custom JSTL function using a tag
file (so not using a tld and tag class).

Any reference to an example would be helpful.


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