I'm using the old Mailer Taglib (
http://jakarta.apache.org/taglibs/doc/mailer-doc/). Because the mailer tag
only provides a means to provide a path to the file, I'm trying to code it
so it dynamically attaches an attachment that was downloaded via a servlet I
wrote. The servlet retrieves the file from a database, downloads it, and
then my plan is to simply provide the the path to the JSP via the servlet.
I'm having difficulty embedding the servelt into the JSP page so I can throw
the path argument to the file property of the mailer tag.

Does anyone know what happened to the Mailer 2 taglib? I tried downloading
the svn (
and building it using ant but I get an error message which appears to mean
the svn isn't finished because  ant says it can find files and I don't see a
.tld file in that svn either.

The mailer tag is working for me, I just need a way to get dynamically
created attachments embedded.

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