I have the following problem, actually it is not a problem, it is a
conceptual problem I think.
I have a custom taglib file, which is named mytaglib.xml. When I deploy my
app which uses this file, in apache tomcat 5.5 and better, there is no
problem to find this file, and everything works fine. But when I deploy my
app in JBoss, I have the problem that this file can't be found. If I
renamed this file to mytaglib.tld, the problem is solved. I did the same
test with tomcat, and it works fine. So, my question is, why doesn't apache
tomcat have problems to find this file with a .tld or .xml extension?. I
would like to know whether in older versions of apache tomcat, the name of
taglib.xml was required, so today there is no problem with .tld or .xml
extension. Is this part documented in somewhere?

Thanks a lot.



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