We are trying to use apache-tomcat 8.0.5 for our web application and have
encountered performance issue with respect to the page response time.
However, once the application is deployed in 8.0.5 we see a longer delay in
response time from the server for the login page itself. With older version
of tomcat i.e., tomcat 7.x(7.0.53), 6.x(6.0.18) we did not see such delay.

We have 270 custom tags defined across 6 tld files in our application and
have the tag pooling feature turned off in conf/web.xml (enablepooling is
set to false; since this is a requirement for the application we had to
turn it off).

We tried to root cause the issue and used fidller tool to monitor the
requests and response times. The browsers - both IE 11 and Chrome - were
firing the requests quickly but were waiting for the response from the
server. We do not know what is the actual cause for this delay. We have
captured the traffic for both IE and Chrome and could send them if needed.

Could you please advise how to proceed to identify the root cause for this
delay? Or could you confirm this as already a known issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

We are not clear to which group the question should be posted, hence
sending this email to both users and taglib-users email list.


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