Hi, Dear all

I'm doing Tomcat upgrade for my J2EE server.
When Tomcat is upgraded from 7.0.54 to 8.0.26, I get lots of empty *_jsp.java 
files in /opt/apache-tomcat_1/work/Catalina/, for example:


There're six Tomcat servers working in a round-robin manner. Each of the six 
Tomcat server has lots of empty *_jsp.java files, but they do not share the 
same group of empty *_jsp.java files. It appears random regarding which JSP 
file gets an empty *_jsp.java and in which Tomcat server.

When I delete a single empty *_jsp.java file in a Tomcat server and restart 
Tomcat, the previous empty *_jsp.java is generated and not empty.

Has anyone ever got similar situation? Any clue of the root cause?

Appreciate your help!


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