2019-08-20 16:39 GMT+09:00, Stuart Thiel <stuart.th...@gmail.com>:
> That's what parseDate does, and why I pointed you at it.

 I also want to do like int case as following.

<c:set var="year" value="2019" scope="session"/>
<c:set var="month" value="8" scope="session"/>
<c:set var="day" value="20" scope="session"/>

<sql:setDataSource dataSource="jdbc/kome" var="kome"/>
<sql:update var="stmt" dataSource="${kome}">
 insert into test values(?,?)
 <sql:dateParam value="${year}-${month}-${day}" type="date"/>
 <sql:param value="Good"/>

 But, of course, this makes

javax.el.ELException: Cannot convert [2019-8-20] of type [class
java.lang.String] to [class java.util.Date]

 So, I'd like to know how to convert Date type using EL writing.
Is there simple method to convert like 0 + for int case?

 Regards,                            Kazuaki Miyauchi, Japan

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