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> > If I can provide information for fixing
> >   allmydata.test.test_magic_folder.RealTest.test_move_tree
> > please let me know. CentOS, Fedora and Slackware seem to be affected┬╣.
> I wonder if the failed versus pass buildbots have different
> versions of twisted or different Linux kernel versions which have
> slightly different inotify implementations.

FWIW, tox installs what's necessary anyway. I've run the buildslave
in an environment where there had been system wide installs of tahoe
and its deps as well, and it worked.  This one hasn't any yet (which
will prolly change soon, but shouldn't affect the buildslave at all).

The only fsck-foo that comes to mind is buildslave's dep of twisted,
but the twisted version is listed in the logs of each build.

The kernel for the Slackware buildslave is a recent 4.4.x


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