We have a venue! It will be at the Mechanics Institute Library, at 57
Post St, San Francisco, right next to the Montgomery BART station. I've
rented the space from 9-5 each day, and there's space for about 15
people (and wifi and a whiteboard, and we'll have a projector too).

Daira and Meejah and I will be there for sure, and we'll probably have
David and Zooko and Liz too. If you're in SF on November 8+9, come on
by! Please add your name to the list so we can plan for food and stuff:


and please add topics that you'd like to talk about to the wiki as well:
I'm hoping to assemble an agenda of sorts before we meet.

see you in november,

On 9/13/16 11:31 AM, Brian Warner wrote:
> We're going to have a number of Tahoe developers in the San Francisco
> area in early november, so we're going to set up another summit meeting.
> This will be two days in a conference room where we'll talk about big
> features like Accounting, Cloud-Backend, invitation protocols, new
> encoding formats, and fancy new crypto things. We might even write some
> code.
> It will be held November 8+9 (aka Election Tuesday and Aftermath
> Wednesday). I haven't reserved space yet, but it will be somewhere in
> San Francisco, probably SOMA or the Mission, and hopefully easy to reach
> with public transit (worst case it will be held in my living room). Last
> time we did this, I think we got 4-6 people together, and we were able
> to include a few more over video.
> I'll be there, I know Daira will be in town, and I think a number of
> LAE/ZCash folks will be in town so we might get to see some of them too
> (maybe zooko? nathan? dawuud?).
> More details as we get closer to the date. If you think you might be
> able to make it, please let me know soon (no committment, but I want to
> know if I should find an 8-person conference room or a 20-person one).
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