(these are a week old.. sorry for the delay)

Tahoe-LAFS devchat 01-Aug-2017

Attendees: warner, exarkun

* SPAKE2 interop servers
 * JP's thing is a harness that runs two subprocesses, not a server
 * warner wants to change python-spake2 API to be two functions: first()
   and second()
 * driver program that takes two (local file path to executable) or (URL
   to server)
  * those targets take JSON on stdin, returns JSON on stdout
  * input args include password, side, identities, optional
  * output includes all secret values
  * two modes: first() or second()
 * for each implementation, create an executable that can be driven this
* tox-vs-python3
 * maybe add a "tox.py" to tahoe's top-level directory
 * it would use pkg_resources to find tox's main entry point, and
   execute it
 * after checking for py2
* exarkun will try to look at the invite PR
 * warner wants it to be future-compatible with a grid-manager -stye
 * so current messages should have "v1" in them, and they should deal
   gracefully with "v2" (complain and bail)
* startstop_node and daemonize PR
 * sounds like the right direction to go
 * warner is planning to do something similar in magic-wormhole, will
   report back

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