I'm not sure if i'm writing to the right e-mail adress or not,

if not i ask you to reroute it to the right e-mail adress.

i'm a new tails user, or actually i wanna be a new user to tails

just a few month ago, my isp started to work with mac encapsulation routing.
Mac encapsulation routing means that in every datastream my mac adress
is included.

Using my own router wasn't possible anymore.

only when i transported the mac adress of the new router to my own
router, its was possible to get an ip adress.

my own router has a possiblity to asign a different mac adress as its
own mac adress
(router has to support mac encapsulation routing anyay)

Without the right mac adress you simple get no ip adress from the isp

Since the ip adress is assigned to a certain mac adress, it's clear
that my mac adress is registred with the isp

Since mac encapsulation routing is an extra layer in the datastream, i
ask mysellf, if it make sence to use tails.

So basically the question is if my mac adress stays in the datastream
through every relay.

Normally i assume that the mac adress is changing as well, as the
datastream is travelling through every relais.

But since mac encapsulation is an extra layer to the datastream, the
question is if (in the case of mac encapsulation routing), my mac
adress stays in the (extra) layer.

In that case, it's a danger to other users as well.

Best regards,
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