Sukhbir Singh:
> In case you missed it, we just released Tor Messenger 0.2.0b2, the first
> release with the secure updater.
> One of the long-terms goals when we started was to replace Pidgin with Tor
> Messenger as the standard choice for an XMPP/chat client.  (In the context of
> Tails, there is and the discussions
> in #tor-messenger.)
> While we are still in beta and will be before we get an audit, we were
> wondering about the status of Tor Messenger integration in Tails (assuming it
> is planned) and if there is a specific issue(s) that may be blocking this.

Except the ticket you linked to, we have a blueprint for replacing Pidgin:

My read is that of it is that Tor Messenger is the most promising
candidate given the requirements listed, but I cannot say its
integration is "planned". I suppose the main problem is Tor Messenger's
lack of regular security updates trickling down from Thunderbird. If
this changed and it went stable, and it was clearer that it would remain
maintained for the foreseeable future (I only mention this because IIRC
you talked about this being a problem before, mainly because of lack of
funding), I see very little reason not to migrate ASAP. :)

Of course, the IM landscape is a bit crazy, with tons of protocols and
accompanying single-protocol clients popping up and disappearing. I'm
wondering a bit if some improvement over XMPP/IRC + OTR will be the
preferred way to do secure IM after the dust settles, and whether Tor
Messenger will add support for such new solutions. That would be ideal
-- One Client To Rule Them All! :)


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