So, we've managed to prepare a bit the donation campaign. But my life is
a bit crazy at the moment (mostly happy but crazy) and I don't think
that I will be able to lead all we said we would do. Here is a little
status update.

Work that has been completed:

  - the list of journalists (#11723): I just merged spriver's work
  - dedicated homepage (#11725): fix committed

The backend infrastructure is pretty much ready or waiting for
polishing, review, etc.:

  - the new donation page (#10176): u
  - the banners (#11297): I have to process the feedback but also need
    somebody to look at the code (ideally)
  - the message for tails-bugs (#11726): emmapeel
  - the new roadmap (#10921): intrigeri
  - the process for pining past donors (#9529): u
  - the metrics system (#11727): sajolida

Background work that is not complete yet:

  - financial report for 2015 (#10844): sajolida
  - influential Twitter followers (#10367): emmapeel

So, the campaign could be launched really soon, as soon as 2.6 is out
and the backend is finalized (basically by people other than me).

But we made no progress whatsoever on the content of the blog posts
(which could also be used as background information for press work).
I pretty much gave up on the idea of having everything ready in advance,
waiting to be published. I now I think that we should launch the
campaign as soon as possible (banners and mailing) and then try to
publish stuff on the blog on a best effort basis, as we managed to write
stories (and take it easy if we don't).

What do you think?
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