Hi Stefano,

Stefano Di Luca:
> the Tails stickers are online here
> www.unixstickers.com/tag/tailsĀ :-)

Thanks for letting us know! And in particular, thanks for abiding with
the license of the material your stickers are based on :)

> We are going to
> announce the new stickers on our newsletter and socials in a few hours. The 
> 10% of
> our revenues will be donated to your project every month as you can see from 
> the two
> stickers page.


> It would be cool if you could help us to spread the word on twitter and 
> reddit, also,
> do you think it would be possible to have a backlink on your site to our Tails
> stickers? It is still a way to contribute to the project :-)

I'm not sure we want to link to commercial websites from our own one,
but I'm open to having this discussion internally if someone on the
list thinks we should do it.

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