Last year, we've seen our monthly meetings being less and less well
attended, in particular by core people, which made taking decisions at
meetings hard or impossible. Thus, at the last summit we decided to
change some things which we've already partly implemented:

* The new starting time is: 19.00 Central European Time.

* Avoid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Whenever the 3rd of the month is
on such a day, we postpone the meeting to the 6th of the month.

* Have better note taking: The facilitator should explicitly mark
decisions in the chat log, e.g. "Decision: we want blah", "Action:
person X does foo" for the note taker.

* Better prepare discussions: Not enforced, but the strategy is: drop
unprepared discussions more aggressively. A person adding a "Discuss"
ticket to the monthly meeting schedule should make sure all the
information needed to discuss is on the ticket before the meeting starts.

* Have shorter meetings: maximum 1 hour.
  * Start on time without waiting
  * Note taker + facilitator roles already decided in the blueprint

* "Hole in the roof": let's limit ourselves to 5 minutes for this topic.

People who attended the summit also proposed the following points and we
agreed on them. However, we still want other people who did not attend
to have their say.


In this proposal we call core people those that have 20 or more days of
paid work for Tails per year.

1. Take turns on meeting roles (facilitator note taker)
   Core people take turns, but those that really don't want to can
   opt-out for everyone's sake.
   Non-Core people can do this work too, but they don't have to.

2. Make it mandatory for Core people to attend at least 50% of the time,
   i.e. some people are supposed to show up at at least 6 out of 12

Deadline for comments, proposals, requests: March 10th 2018. You may
also comment on the already implemented changes, in case you have better
ideas, or anything else to say :)

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