Hank Suffli:
> Hello,
> when starting Tails it hides my IP address and provides a random IP address 
> instead.
> Now what do I have to do so that this new IP address is assigned to a 
> specific 
> country?
> GB for instance.
> I found an article how to do that with TOR, but what would I have to specify 
> wit 
> I am using a cable modem and a router.
> Can anybody help?

In general you should not interfere by choosing a specific exit node, as
can reduce your anonymity set. See:

But if you need it for some reason despite these warnings, it's done by
editing torrc using a text editor. The Tor FAQ you read applies to Tails
as well. You need to set an admin password on startup to be able to edit
the file.

But when tweaking things in Tails, you're on your own.

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