Hi Keith

Thanks for your map contributions and for joining this discussion.
This discussion was about establishing general principles for the use of the viewpoint and image tags rather than any criticism of your specific edits.
No disrespect was intended to you or your website.

You say "Regarding the accuracy of the photos trust me you will have to drive to that point and have a look yourself" There is no dispute about the accuracy or value of the photos, rather questions of whether to link to them in OSM and what object the link should be attached to.

Take two examples:
Node: River crossing (5536892190)
The photo contains valuable information on track conditions but it is not taken from a viewpoint "A place where tourists, visitors, hikers might like to visit and take photographs. A place, often high, with a good view of surrounding countryside or notable buildings. Sometimes called a vista point or scenic area/point, lookout or overlook" The photo would have been better linked from the ford Node: 5536892207 rather than creating a viewpoint.

Node: SE (5536892237)
Again this photo conveys valuable information about track conditions on the descent to the beach but is not taken from what can be described as a viewpoint. If anything, I think the photo should be linked to that section of track.


 I am the author of bushtrax.com and added those links to OSM. I also have
added quite a few 4wd tracks from the gpx files on the same site. As I have
found out another person has added one of those files under their name. I
just filled in all the relevant info.

Regarding the accuracy of the photos trust me you will have to drive to
that point and have a look yourself, I have been photographing the coast
using moving map software and a gps for nearly 17 years.

The viewpoint aspect is just that, I am standing on the Barron Lookout and
this is the view. I don't see the point of putting the viewpoint icon on
the road out the front of the Bremer Bay Caravan Park.

The tracks over time are realigned due to shifting dunes storms washing
them away or the managers of the land have deemed the track unsuitable and
altered the route. It also maps the rehabilitation that is carried out by
volunteers and the land managers staff. Some of the earliest efforts go
back as far as 1991, They are still there and in use today.

I have found plenty of these photos on other forums etc over the years but
they just used to link to the photo and left the photo on the server. No
problems from me. As in the case of of a Fairfax journalist who pinched one
early this year, he made himself look like fool.



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