On 04-04-18 11:23, eMerzh wrote:
> Thanks for your responses :)
> and yeah i totally agree that an import is probably not a good idea,
> but i was thinking more like a map  of missings schools or streets
> without surface  (with one in the dataset)
> and with ideally a "one-click" import ( 1 feature by 1 feature)

The datasets are fine in a  'supporting' role, like the cases you
mention above.   If I take the school case , it's do-able to take all
schools out from OSM, put them in a postGIS table and then do the same
with Urbis data , you can then throw postGIS functions on those 2 to
extract a diff.  You need some common ground and postGIS is perfect for
that.   Since BXL dataset is quite small compaired to GRB, that work
will be fast.   If I want to reprocess the GRB data the way it's
processed now, we are talking about 6 hours of crunching, and if
something isn't quite right you need to start over.

In any case, you probably need to verify every school to see if it still
exists.  There are quite a few schools in Brussels according to OSM :


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