Hi Sam,

Yes, I'm sorry that the licence on our website isn't entirely clear.  The 
copyright and legal disclaimer are generic for the website and not intended to 
apply to the GIS Digital Data Downloads, which can be used freely as long as 
the person who downloads the data from our website accepts the disclaimer here:


We would love to see our data used as a base, or merged with user edits where 
appropriate, in OSM.  I was intending to look into it myself at some point, and 
am glad that Jamie took the initiative.

I should mention that although I was involved in the work that brought Nanaimo 
to prominence in Google Earth, our Engineering GIS department (specifically Tim 
Taylor and Dan Stevens) are the folks responsible for publishing the GIS data 
for download, with a little help from the webmaster.  Although the IT 
department here (I work as Sr. Applications Analyst) is interested in open 
source and open data, it's really our rubber-hits-road departments that deserve 
the credit for collecting and maintaining the information that we help to 

Once the roads are merged in, you may want to look at what other data could be 
useful.  Other layers from our current downloads that may be useful include 
things like lakes/streams from the storm sewer data, sidewalks from the roads 
data, etc.  We may also be able to look into providing things like 
non-residential building footprints, parks, etc for a one time load.

We are looking at rationalizing our licensing (it's pretty muddled, some 
non-commercial, some other, all non-standard) but until recently there were no 
real options for database licensing.  CC0 and PDDL (with attribution community 
norms) and ODbL all look interesting, but it sure would be nice if there was 
something similar to CC-BY available that didn't rely on copyright.


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From: Sam Vekemans
Date: Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 6:51 AM
Subject: OpenStreetMap using Nanaimo Roads

Hi there,
(please forward to Jason Birch)

Im in touch with Jamie Popkin who is importing the SHP files which are 
available on the website, and says that Jason Birch is interested in 
OpenStreetMap, and interested in how to import the data.

Unfortunatly, there was a miss-communication.

The regular procedure for any bulk-import of data to openstreetmap requires 
1st, as proper attribution and licencing is required before any importing. See 
this site.

Because OpenStreetMap.org is free from copyright, unlike other copyrighted 
maps, this data is collected from individuals on the ground, and from data 
thats 'public domain', or with direct concent from the origional source.

The website link, does not say if this data is actually 'free to use as you 
like'.  Because 'All rights reserved' means that data is in copyright.


Although the City of Nanaimo tries to assure the accuracy of all information 
here, you should confirm all information.
Copyright (c) 2008 City of Nanaimo. All rights reserved.
Privacy Policy<http://www.nanaimo.ca/EN/main/want/view/privacy-policy.html>
The easiest way around that is for someone from the City of Nanaimo to right 
back and say that it's OK to use this data for import into 

I attached the discussion below.

Thanks In advance,
Sam Vekemans
Across Canada Trails

(an OpenStreetMap contributor)

Twitter: @Acrosscanada
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sam.vekemans

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