On 2016-09-20 03:46 AM, Mihai Iepure wrote:
> I can confirm that
> we’ve been doing edits using our ImproveOSM tool, using the
> /source=improve_osm_tn/ k/v pair.

It would be nice if they were actual improvements, rather than breaking
the map. Claiming Bing aerial imagery as a source in an area where the
imagery is a vague blur shows that your Telenav mappers are making up
map connections.

I'm looking at your own edits in Toronto. How can you tell which service
roads are public access, and which deserve access=private? Where is
Telenav's methodology documented, please?

Canadian mappers really should take a look on overpass to see where
there are source=improve_osm_tn edits. There are a couple of hundred in
Halifax/Dartmouth, over 1400 in the GTA, about 1500 around
Montreal/Laval, and over 4000 around Edmonton. (None in the NCR so far,
btw). Most of the work seems to be industrial access roads.


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