Also I forgot about this one:
which was on the import list and talk-ca(I forgot because it was so long

Which everyone seems to be on board, except for the license. So....license
is compatible now...

On Oct 17, 2016 9:11 PM, "James" <> wrote:

> I'm the one running the tasking manager.
> On Oct 17, 2016 9:08 PM, "AJ Ashton" <> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> Thanks for the writeup. I think this is the first post that's made it
>> fully clear what is going on. As I was re-reading the previous StatCan
>> thread earlier today I seemed to be missing something - now I guess it was
>> context available to those who attended in-person meetings. I don't think
>> it was even clear to the list until now how much in-person community
>> discussion has been happening.
>> Basically the issue is that all the online discussion about this looks to
>> have been about the StatCan crowdsourcing half of the project and none at
>> all about the building import half. I didn't pay too much attention to the
>> original StatCan thread at the time because it so clearly sounded like a
>> local mapping project with no large-scale import component.
>> Unfortunately I no longer live in Ottawa and couldn't have made it to the
>> meetings. However I lived there for many years, have done a lot of mapping
>> there, and have a continued interest in the area. I would still like to see
>> the the building import happen and even help out where I can. But I think
>> it's important to do more planning and discussion on this list and the
>> imports list, and to take things in smaller and more manageable chunks.
>> I guess the next step would be to continue on a proper path to import the
>> buildings per the guidelines per
>> wiki/Import/Guidelines . This would include:
>> - Wiki documentation of the where the data is, what it contains & its
>> license / permissions
>> - A plan to conflate with existing data - preserving history, keeping
>> existing attributes, and merging addresses onto buildings where possible
>> before the data is uploaded
>> - A specific plan for uploading the data. Eg how the data will be divided
>> up into chunks and step-by-step instructions for JOSM, etc. A task server
>> was mentioned several times - who is running this and how can others
>> participate?
>> - A proper review on the imports mailing list
>> I don't necessarily agree with every single rule in the import
>> guidelines, but they are what the community has decided on and I think for
>> the most part they help avoid the kinds of issues I had with deleted and
>> duplicated data in Ottawa.
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