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Hi Jonathan,

I'm probably missing something, but you don't link training videos from the tasking manager.   The tasking manager is about splitting up some pre-defined mapping jobs (eg trace outline of building from bing satellite image), into small chunks that people can finish in a short amount of time.  So people don't work on things other people are already working on.

If people are adding what they already know, then you don't need a tasking manager. People just go ahead and add it, if it is not already there (checking if it is already there is important so we don't get duplicate things).  Presumably beginners are only going to add one thing at a time in ID editor, and they're all in the same room, so scope for conflict is small (easily solved with everyone announcing what they are doing before starting it).

For your session later this month, it sounds to me like you want someone to

 * introduce the topic of mapping in OSM
 * introduce the ID editor
 * go through some samples of things to be added
 * then everybody get on their laptop and start trying to edit
   things, with the leader checking what is going on

(this is how my introductory session went last April when I joined a meetup group in Ottawa)

The task manager is not needed in this scenario.

But please correct me if I totally missed your point.

On 2018-03-07 08:55 AM, Jonathan Brown wrote:

We want to run the mapathon by setting up a task in the Tasking Manager with links to the OSMLearning video tutorials and use cases for the instruction section. We want to make the task as simple as possible (e.g., adding points of interest based on participants’ local knowledge augmented with information from social services and NGOs who will be participating).

The goal is to have the participants apply OSM morning training to a problem solving task in the afternoon, similar to what Sterling Quinn did for the Philly Fresh Food Mapathon: http://2017.phillytechweek.com/events/philly_mapathon

We would need to add tasks to the OSM Tasking Manager that encompass the school boards and schools within the geography to be mapped - Durham Region, Niagara Region, Northumberland County, and Greater Peterborough area. For March 29 the priority is for Durham Region and Northumberland County.

We are looking for a train-the-trainer model for 8-10 facilitators (teachers, senior secondary and postsecondary students) that can be repurposed for other mapathon events this spring and fall.

There will be a follow-up event in the early fall. We are exploring ways to build this type of mapathon event into the workflows of the educational and local planning structures and processes at the municipal and regional level. Alessandro and his colleagues at the TB Open Data branch are well aware of what we are trying to do.


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Hi Jonathan,

Are you trying to set up the tasking manager, or you just want to add a project to the existing tasking manager http://tasks.osmcanada.ca/? If you describe the details of what you're trying to accomplish (look at existing tasks), then someone can probably add a task for you.

Or do you want to know how to run a mapathon using the task manager?


A bit more details of what you're trying to do would be helpful...

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