*Hi London OSM mappers, it was good to see many of you at the last Q&A. I
had a great time and thanks again to the organisers.I would be very glad if
some members from OSM community could come to an event that my organisation
 justMap <http://justplace-london.blogspot.co.uk/> and Connecting Londoners
<http://networkedcity.london/london/connectinglondoners> are setting up in
Newspeak House on March 27, about civic mapping for a fair and inclusive
London.This event will bring together a large number of London civic
platform makers or mappers, as well as people interested in these civic
networking tools, to discuss how these  platforms and mappings can support
cooperation between communities, organisations and citizens working for a
fair and inclusive London.Some of the afternoon workshops might be
dedicated to coding such platforms or the civic issue of data (access,
analysis, big data) or also the governance issue of such platforms.
Considering the exemplary model of OSM as civic platform, having one of you
around the table for these workshops or for the panel discussion would be a
great chance. Please let me know if some of you would be interested in
taking part.Here is the link to register on EventBrite
with some more informations.best wishes, nicolas / justMap

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