I've just been reading about the changes that will take place early
next year at this link




and wondered if anyone here will be in the area to get a GPS trace
of the new short stay car park once it opens?


Looking at the area as it is now in OpenStreetMap:




from a routing point of view bicycles will need to push their
bicycles across the foot bridge, but as that ends on a pedestrian
area I suspect very little currently will be able to route that way.
A survey of that area from a cyclists point of view after the
changes might also be handy.


Looking at the proposed changes the following section of Corn Hill
seems to be missing, so it is perhaps possible the derelict building
mentioned in the note has been removed to make the new short stay
parking area:




but a survey will be needed to check.


I'll probably be in Wolverhampton at some point between now and new
year, but don't know when I'll next be visiting after the 8th


Thanks and best wishes,





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