Jason Cunningham wrote:
Just read through a short discussion about differences in street names
in OSM and 'OS Locator', and problems caused by differences in names given
The classic problem is where the road street sign says something like
'Dukes Drive' but OS locator states Duke's Drive.
Noticed that common view was OSM mapped what was on the ground, so road
sign name was added.

Having come across roads where road names differ on adjacent roads
signs, I'm not too sure road signs can be 100% relied on, but OS also
clearly make mistakes.
Has anyone heard of how this problem is dealt with by authorities (eg
councils) as they seem to rely on OS as a definitive source for mapping

The councils will be be working to the street table in their LLPG data, and it is that which is supplied TO OS as the 'correct' local information. There is even a mechanism for advising changes and new streets in the update format. The one thing that is worth noting in this is that POSTCODE is not a requirement in this data, only the NLPG references. Of cause what is more anoying is that while we all pay to create the data via our council tax, http://www.thensg.org.uk/ is owned by a commercial operation that then makes money out of it :(

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