Hi All,

There are some major redevelopment works just starting in central Lincoln. The 
old bus station has closed, and a number of streets and car parks between it 
and the rail station are now shut for the construction of the new transport 
hub. In the meantime, there is a temporary bus station to the south of the 

To reflect all of this, I need to tag the affected roads, car parks, and 
existing bus stops. I’m sure that the wrong thing to do would be to simply 
delete everything that is soon to depart - although if anything is most likely 
to want deleting it is the old bus stops - but what is the right way? Tagging 
the roads as access=no is simple enough, with a note, because I’m not sure 
(yet) of the end status. But is there a preferred way, and what about the car 
parks and the old bus station? How should that be dealt with.

Many thanks

Stuart Reynolds
for traveline south east & anglia

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