Does anyone have any idea how best (if at all) to tag "mobile" caterers - e.g. 
Burger vans and variants thereof?

Some mobile caterers are truly mobile going to various events - and so 
obviously not for inclusion in OSM, however some are trade from a fixed 
location (or may be a couple?) although the mobile van will only physically be 
there around the actual opening hours. And then some practically never move at 

I've been wary (thus never done it) about adding such places as 
'amenity=fast_food' for things that would not necessarily be physically there.

It seems to me the criteria is that the service would operate from some sort of 
hatch, such that the customer would be outside for both the ordering and 
consuming of goods - and theoretically the operator could easily move.






"order=outside" ??


"caterer=mobile" ??

This is not strictly FHRS related, but they should have an FHRS entry.


(This place is open 24/7 and a large container but the wheels seem permanently 
deflated, so hard to tell how movable it really is!)

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From: Greg <>
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Hi Rob,

I've been working on some visual analysis of the CSV file data at 
[] using R but it's not quite 
ready for public viewing yet...

I hope to show the most complete districts in terms of fhrs:id and postcode, 
the districts with the most errors, the districts with the most recent 
progress, the number of districts with zero matches and how that has changed, 
and the number of districts with certain levels of completeness (i.e. a 

Watch this space!


On 18 Oct 2016, at 19:31, Rob Nickerson 
<<>> wrote:

Hi all,

A bit delayed but I have added fhrs:id to the taginfo script I run. You can see 
progress for the last few days at:

I really like the daily data that Greg produces. Is there anyone with some time 
to try to convert this into a chart/visual tracker? The data is at:



On 2 October 2016 at 15:38, Rob Nickerson 
<<>> wrote:
Hi all,

Which tags would you like me to set up a tag-info script for? We can then track 
these throughout the quarter.


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