I asked:
> > The delivery office still has the post office tag on. Should it be
> > tagged differently, or have a subtag added
> > (post_office=delivery_office maybe?), or something else?

David replied:
 > I would say amenity=post_depot; operator=Royal Mail.  Maybe not
> even
> that it you cannot collect undelivered mail there.
> post_office implies a customer facing institution that, in the UK,
> provides various government services, as well as services related to
> letter post.

Thanks. That suggestion allows me to find there are already 306 
amenity=post_depot in the UK (according to taginfo.openstreetmap.org.uk) and 
while it doesn't have its own wiki page, searching "everything" led me to the 
post_office talk page
where it is suggested, which may explain the high number. 

There was also a relevant thread on this list in January 2014 "Royal Mail & 
Parcelforce delivery offices" which also suggested post_depot for delivery 

Thanks again,


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