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> I was looking at Robert Whittaker’s Postcode Stats chart today and noticed
> that there seems to be an increase in Sectors with 0 or less than 5%
> postcodes mapped where the community had previously got over 5% of postcodes
> mapped.
> Checking for my local area they seem to be Council Offices, do we know if
> Royal Mail have added lots of new postcodes for council offices or if they
> have moved from the sorting office.

I think most of what you were seeing at
http://robert.mathmos.net/osm/addresses/pc-stats/ was a mistake on my
part. I imported the new version of Code-Point Open yesterday, and
forgot to run the script that marks sectors that comprise only
non-geographic postcodes. Those marked sectors get excluded from the
counts of poorly mapped sectors. I've now run the script, so hopefully
things should be back to normal now.


Robert Whittaker

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