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In this area I was taken to task for adjusting an unexplained boundary, which turned out to be the local "PlusBus" area boundary for inclusive fares from the nearest railway station

That's likely to be subject to database rights, as I don't think that it is normal to sign stops with whether or not they are in the area.

In any case an actual boundary can only be obtained from another map, not from the ground. The best you could do on the ground is identify the finite set of existing stops that are in the area.

postal counties

These no longer exist. All you need to fully address mail is the postcode plus the two character delivery point suffix, within that post code (which is usually, but not necessarily, a simple encoding of the house number, although not in base 10). In practice, though, the postie actually wants the street name as well, as I used just post code and house number on the return to sender address, and got a note that it takes an extra day to find the street.

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