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 thought it might be helpful to a new mapper who has just joined us.

*Dear Genies,*

*In October our Expert Workshop will be delivered by*

*Brian Hollinshead, **on *

*Mapping townlands & other boundaries old and new.*

*2:00pm to 3:30pm, Saturday October 15 2016*

*Seminar Room, National Library of Ireland, Kildare St.*


*One of the most difficult things in genealogy or local history research,
is to identify a place or origin or residence.*

*Irish boundaries and place-names changed over time.*

*Records are often stored by old territorial names and divisions, some of
which are no longer in use.*

*Curiously, the smallest unit - the townland – has one of the best survival
rates, and can be used to identify places.*

*In this talk, Brian Hollinshead will describe how he became a mapping
contributor to the volunteer driven OpenStreetMap resource. OpenStreetMap
volunteers have traced by hand all of the 60,000+ townlands in Ireland, to
create one of the most remarkable free sources for Irish family and local

*Brian's own experience has led him to develop a specialist interest in
researching and mapping historic and modern boundaries in Ireland.*

*The OpenStreetMap project is currently working on 10 different historical
boundaries found in Irish maps.*

*This is a free ticketed event.*

*Please email in advance fiona.fitzsim...@eneclann.ie

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