I know I said that I would not wish this task on my worst enemy, but since 
this is one of the few lists where my friends outnumber my enemies, I am 
putting some of my experiences in installing an OSM mapnik server on lenny. 
Everything to be done is well documented on the mapnik page of the wiki, but 
since a whole tool chain has to be installed, several pages need to be 
visited. In addition to the copious information on the wiki, here are a few 

1. Instead of using the full planet file, I downloaded the india.osm.bz2 file 
from cloudmade. This is only around 20 MB and enough for my purposes

2. apt-get works for postgresql8.3, postgis and dependencies and also for all 
the dependencies for mapnik

3. the osm2pgsl available under apt-get will not work properly. It should be 
installed from source taken from the svn trunk. You may find bzlib2.h missing - 
you will need the bzip2 development package also - available through apt-get

4. You should install mapnik from svn trunk also - make sure it is version 
6.x. The same for mapnik-osm which also needs to be installed from source from 
svn trunk. Check in /usr/local/mapnik/plugins to make sure postgis plugin is 

5. mod_tile is another beast that needs to be installed from source from svn 
trunk. It dumps the .so file in a non-standard place, so the apache config has 
to be edited to reflect this (or you could copy it to modules-available and 
symlink it in the debian way). Before the 'make' edit lib64 lines in the 
Makefile if you have 32 bit install. The default apache config file is ok once 
the paths/names are corrected. As is the renderd.conf file. Do not forget to 
put an empty 'planet_import_complete file in /var/lib/mod_tile and make the 
directory writeable by www-data.

6. Pointing openlayers to mapnik is correctly documented in the openlayers 
page in the osm wiki. A suitable edit for local paths is all that is needed.

7. I have used renderd.py as it gives some output - renderd is supposed to be 
faster, but without any output I have no idea whether it is working.

8. make sure you follow every step in the documentation - even leaving out one 
step is fatal.

I am now going to try it on FC 11
Kenneth Gonsalves

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