Hi there I have just joined Talk-in from UK does anyone have an export file, 
they have worked on I feel its time for India to move forward but lack in 
communication. We should join hands and get India mapped together so life get 
better for everyone more effectively and efficiently. OSM is a great way 
however If India suffers a disaster they are helped for foreign aid which is 
more effective Why? Well because they do their homework. The Humanitarian Aid 
uses OSM but India does not contribute to map it! Are there any NGO’s out there 
who really have knowledge of there area on a digital platform? It takes a few 
days to map an entire district with the online contributors, if anyone in India 
is keen to get India mapped in this way lets do this together. I wrote to 
Modiji’s office introducing an idea but they don’t reply. Do you as an NGO or a 
citizen of India want the country moving in a better direction? Then why can we 
not achieve this its distressing.

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Subject: [Talk-in] Mapping India's national geological monuments

Recently came across the GSI's list of national monuments and geological 
marvels http://www.famindia.com/india/site_geological.htm which were 
fascinating to go through. Little did I know about these wonderful sites which 
have a lot of educational and tourism significance.

How many of these sites are on OSM, and how do we map them?
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