Reading the norwegian discussion this seems to be a straight forward improvement, I'm in favor of this change.

Þann 10.04.2018 13:16, Fredrik reit:
God dag islendinger,

I have thought of sending this email for some time, so here it is.

There are about 120 natural=fjords in OSM and most of them are around
Iceland. See

Would any of you object if I change these natural=fjords to
natural=bay and add bay=fjord? Or possibly if someone at Iceland can
fix this?

There was some discussion about this at the Norwegian list in 2016

The result was an agreement that fjord is a subtype of bay and instead
of fighting to get fjords rendered in the map tagging them as
suggested here would fix everything.

There is a github issue open for the default map style (carto) related
to rendering fjords



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