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Since early 2017 till now, users of my app StreetComplete have been
adding house numbers to buildings.
Should I disable this functionality for Italy?

For buildings of certain types, such as "apartments" or "house"s etc.
(but not "yes"), which do neither have an address tagged, nor have any
node on or in their outline with an address tagged, nor are in any area
that has an address tagged, the app shows a pin on the map, like this:


This pin is shown to every user of the app, until it is solved. To solve
it, the user taps on the pin and can input the housenumber for the
building in the form that pops up then. The user can also answer that
the building has no housenumber, in which case the app tags noaddress=yes.



Addresses in Italy are described here in the wiki:

A related discussion on talk-it is archived here:

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